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Clamping Unit
Rainbow Focus Series clamping unit adopts 5 points toggle system, it decreases 33% distortion comparing normal system, the better rigidity can adapt precise products molding and highly improve mold’s life time.
Volume Quantitative Lubrication Distribution System
It can make sure every lubrication point be fully lubricated, average oil distribution and higher lubrication efficiency. It can greatly improve the working life time of the lubrication parts.
Special Ejector Rod Structure Design
This design makes it very convenient to install counter pull ejector rod, which extremely expands the adaptability of the machine.
Built-in Mechanical Safety Bar
Built-in mechanical safety bar, makes the outfit more harmonious and safer;
Enlarged space between tie-bars and bigger opening stroke can achieve the easy installation of multi-cavities mould, and it has better adaptability for the increasing precise mould dimension.
Hydraulic motor with gear mold system, the transfer system is more reasonable and perfect;
高钢性抗磨损镀硬铭导柱,具有高精度、高拉力、高强度、长寿命 ;
High rigidity anti-wear hard plating Ming guide column, with high precision, high tensile strength, high strength, long life
Injection Unit
The injection unit of Rainbow Focus Series adopts Double Cylinder Injection Technology, the fast injection response, high accuracy, small motion inertia, small mechanical back pressure, make it suitable for producing precise and thin-wall products.
Double Linear Guide Rail
采用双线性导轨,摩擦力小,使动作更快、更精确、更稳定。 Adopting double linear guide rail for injection unit, it has lower friction, faster speed, better precision and stability.
Outstanding Seal Element Suppliers
油封采用世界名厂制作,使用寿命更长。 World famous brands oil sealing element, longer working lifetime.
Double Injection Cylinder
双缸射出机构,射出平稳、精确、快速;标准高品质SKD61过胶组、38CrMoAl螺杆料筒,塑化效果好,持久耐用。 Double injection cylinder, ensures the precision, stable and high speed injection. Standard high quality SKD61 screw tip, check ring and trust ring, 38CrMoAl screw and barrel, make the machine has a wonderful plasticization ability and longer working life.
Double Carriage Cylinder
双射移结构有效避免喷嘴偏摆现象、确保与模具的贴合面不漏胶。 Double carriage cylinder structure, avoids nozzle bias error, ensures the touching surface between nozzle and mould has no leakage.
Hydraulic and electric Unit
World Renowned Brands Hydraulic Components
Adopt world-famous brands of hydraulic parts, ensure machine's precision, durability and stability.

Proportional Back Pressure Control
Melt back pressure adopts proportional back pressure control, makes the process adjustment range wider and producing status more stable.
Energy-Saving Power System
Adoption of servo motor and internal gear pump power system, realizes the power output mode of ‘Energy output only depend on the require demand’. It avoids energy waste and the energy-saving ability can reach to 20%-80% comparing with the traditional power output mode for injection molding machine.
mprove the molding stability
Excellent high response

Technology creates green and escorts you with rigorous scientific innovationSix reasons to choose Ruibao


Your ideal industrial partner

Whether you are in plastic manufacturing or processing, Ruibo Precision Machinery is your ideal partner. With years of experience in plastics machinery manufacturing, we have absorbed the advanced design concepts of foreign countries, combined with the latest technologies, and continuously developed new processes and equipment.


Full intimate service

We negotiate to determine the best solution, from equipment to installation and commissioning, maintenance, system operation to production process. At each stage, we provide you with reasonable suggestions and perfect solutions, as well as quick parts supply and convenient technology. Service and support.


Serving professional and shaping solutions in various industries

Our technical innovation center is responsible for providing standard and special injection molding machines, supporting equipment and fully automated solutions ranging from 90 tons to 2100 tons. Our customer base is located in the beverage, packaging industry, daily necessities industry, office, sporting goods industry, medicine, health products industry, home appliance industry, electronics industry, auto parts industry, toys, gifts industry, and from all over the world.


Modular design meets customer customization

We use professional knowledge to help you succeed. Based on the engineering design concept of modularization of the equipment, customers can customize the rapid production, which can not only help customers solve various special engineering problems, but also bring huge cost and technical advantages to customers.


service support

1、12 months free warranty service for all parts and components (except wearing parts);

2、Pre-sale product and technical consultation;

3、According to the special requirements of the user to provide the whole solution;

4、Assist users in designing plant layout and water and electricity configuration;

5、Free commissioning and product use training;

6、24 hourly maintenance service;

7、Product upgrade and renovation services;

8、Product maintenance knowledge and skills training;

9、Plastic product quality upgrade value-added services;

10、other service。

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The company was established in May 2001 and is located in Dongguan, a factory of the world. Is a professional operating plastic machine equipment and spare parts, loss parts. Acting brand Ruibao injection molding machines, credit molding machines (plastics auxiliary equipment), distribution of imported oil seals, oil, hydraulic equipment, electrical control equipment. ......

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